Tuesday July 16 2019 Blog



We were sorry to hear that our friend, Joe Moore, had a mini stroke yesterday morning. Last we heard he was in the hospital doing well. Pray with us for doctor’s wisdom and a speedy recovery for Joe and peace of mind for his family.

Breakfast: Bacon-egg-cheese waffle sandwich
Lunch: 1/2 Albacore Tuna sandwich with chips
Supper: Meatballs & gravy, squash, green beans, miniature tomatoes

This is a picture of supper:

God is so good to give this woman to me.

I worked on the deck quite a bit yesterday. I got out there as soon as I could and started power washing the deck boards. I took several breaks to give my back a rest and got all but 5 boards done. I should be able to finish the power washing sometime to day. Then I will put the sealer on it and be done with it for the year. 👍

We watched some TV and ate food was about all we did the rest of the time.

I did a backup of our computers, how long has it been since you did a backup of yours?


I will continue working on the deck and do some other outside work if possible.

We don’t have any other definite plans.

I got this from Susan Morrison:

Hi Kenny,

I loved the pictures that you shared of Penny’s birthday celebration.  We had also been invited, but it didn’t work our for us to be there.  We were sad, as we would have really enjoyed being with all of you! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and sharing your wonderful experience of the event. As you know, we feel like all of you are “family”! 

Blessings and love,

I also got this from Nancy:


It is currently 63º with a high of 79º and pleasant today.

That’s it for July 16, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Monday July 15 2019 Blog



We got up about 8 o’clock and started getting ready to go to church with the Crawfords. The motel WIFI was so pitiful I couldn’t do a blog so I just sent an email about it and did a picture blog when we got home.

We met the family also arriving at the church when we did…

In front of Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Lexi was a Reader in the service and I took some pictures of her in action.

I took several and this was the best one. Good job Lexi!

After church we went to get some breakfast at Klamath Grill in downtown Klamath Falls.

Thanks Dave and Lexi for the food, it was delicious.

After the food we went with the Crawfords for Bart to give us a tour of the farm where he works. That is a huge operation, WOW! Thousands and thousands of acres. They really do an excellent job of soil conservation with their crop rotation and other things to build up the good, rich soil.

Field of potatoes

A large part of the farm borders Klamath Lake.

Bart stopped and pulled up a Hemp plant for us to feel and see. They are growing a lot of this for the medicinal market.

We made one more group picture before heading home.

We decided to go West on Hwy 140 to the interstate to go home. It was a beautiful drive but long and hot, sure miss that AC. I filled the car with gas in Medford, OR with the intention of cleaning the windshield but I forgot the windshield full of bugs until we were back on the road. I checked the gas mileage after the fill up, we got 32 MPG on our drive through the high country, WOW! The old car really did good. We made it all the way home without stopping (4 and 1/2 hours) but we really needed to stop when we got home at 6:30PM. 🙂

I unloaded the car when we got home and put stuff away.

Pat served us a slice of pizza for supper.

We watched a couple of shows on TVonline then video-conferenced with Scott, sharing our day’s adventures, until bedtime. I did take time to put a lot of the pictures in a blog to share with you before going to bed.


It has rained a bit this morning, the deck is wet, so I don’t know if I will be able to get any outside things done or not. I may be able to do some power washing to the deck between showers, we’ll see.

I fully intended to wash the car, it is coated with bugs and grime, probably won’t get to do that today.

There is plenty to do inside the house also so I won’t have time to be bored.


As I said, it has rained some this morning. The temperature is currently 61º with a high of 74º with showers predicted.

That’s all for July 15, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Sunday July 14 2019 Blog

The Birthday Party Pictures

We had just arrived when this picture was made.

Dave grilling.

Penny, Papa Clee and Papa Dave

Pat in front of a beautiful view of the mountains from the kitchen window.

Penny and her party friends.

Time for cupcakes and ice cream.

Time to make a wish and blow out the candles.

She blew them all out. Notice the girl in yellow looks like she’s taking a breath to help blow. 🙂

Opening presents

Scenes around the house

Looking across the valley from the front porch.

The group picture before all the party goers left.

We had a great time with the family and friends. After this we went to our motel for the night.

That’s all for July 14, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Saturday July 13 2019 Blog

Happy Birthday to Penny



I was pretty busy yesterday and got a few things done. I decided to start power washing the deck. Pat asked me to tie the rhododendron bush up instead of cutting the lower limbs off. When I tried to do that I saw that our gutter in the corner over the deck was mucho clogged with leaves and stuff. So, I got the ladder and cleaned it first.

It was clogged in just about all the gutter you can see in this picture. The next picture is what I got out of it.

That 5 gallon bucket is about half full. There was even a water bottle that someone had pitched up there. 😲 All of that had accumulated after they were cleaned last fall. When I finished that job I tied the rhody up, got the power washer out and started power washing the deck.

Finished washing the upper deck

I made a good start on the lower deck until I had to stop for the day.

I also power washed the mat that goes in front of the door.

It had a lot of dirt and dog hair on it.

Here is a list of our meals from yesterday:

Breakfast: 1/2 Bagel & cream cheese, 1/2 banana, yogurt, juice, milk, coffee
Lunch: 1/2 Chicken Salad Sandwich & chips
Supper: Chicken Salad in a tomato cup with avocado slices

Chicken salad in a tomato cup

We took a nap during the afternoon and watched some TV shows. We watched one on Prime Video last night that made me cry some but it had a good ending. It’s about a Christian family in Carroll County Georgia whose little two year old boy disappeared and the whole community came together to help find him. A good Christian film that we can recommend for anyone to watch: The Way Home starring Dean Cain.


The big thing for today is to travel to southern Oregon to attend Penny’s birthday celebration. It’s a 3.5 hour drive to our motel in Klamath Falls and another 30-40 minutes to the Crawford residence. Looking forward to it. We plan to leave between 10 and 11 o’clock this morning.

I got this from Susan Morrison yesterday:

I guess I am in the same club as Pat…because I also received an envelope with my name on it from Melania…with a check inside! 😂


Too bad for the people on the Gulf Coast today, hurricane Benny is churning down there.

Our weather for today looks really good, it is 63º now and forecast to be a high of 82º and pleasant.

That’s all for July 13, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Friday July 12 2019 Blog



Breakfast: Bagel & cream cheese, juice, coffee, yogurt
Lunch: Lettuce, chicken, pecan, apple salad
Supper: Chicken salad sandwich, ice cream dessert

I took April to the clinic for an oxygen checkup at 10:45. She has to have a checkup with the doctor to continue getting her oxygen through Medicare. The appointment was for 11 o’clock and we sat there nearly an hour waiting for the doctor. The checkup went OK and we left the clinic about 12:25. We went to lunch with the seniors from our church.

We shared a bacon-cheeseburger with fries.

There were about a dozen of us at the restaurant, good times.

We stopped by Scott’s place for a brief visit. He showed me his new music composition program on his computer. Quite a neat program. He is challenging himself to rewrite a composition he did a year or two ago on his old computer. We were both too tired to haul wood to his house.

BTW he has a blackberry vine he is excited about because it now has berries that are getting ripe. Its taking over his backyard but he’s putting off cutting it back.

We came home and took an hour nap.

After the nap we watched TV and relaxed in the Bowflex.

Did y’all know April is good friends with Melania Trump. Well, she is and here’s the proof:

She got an envelope with a check in it from her. 😁

I posted this on Facebook but I don’t think I have put it in the blog before.

When working outside I kept banging and skinning my head on the door of the shop. So, I finally got the idea to wear my hard hat I used when I did factory work for ACT. It is really noisy now when I run into something but with less blood and pain. 😜


I haven’t made any definite plans for today but here are some possibilities:

  • Cut some more limbs off of the oak tree that are growing into the holly tree.
  • Start work on the deck to get it ready to put sealer down.
  • Clean up under the holly tree and the rhododendron out front.
  • See if there is something April wants me to do.

Its a nice day and I should do some work outside.


Currently its 67º and sunny, the forecast high is 82º and nice.

That’s all for July 12, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch