Saturday June 1 2019 Blog


We had juice, coffee and a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast and got to Corvallis by 9:30. I dropped April off at her Bible Study group and went on to church to work.

We are Baptizing some people Sunday so I spent the morning getting the Baptistry ready to fill. When I tested it to see if it was heating, it wouldn’t come on so I reported it to the pastors and Bryan went under the platform and pushed the reset button, it worked. I will check it when I get there this morning to be sure it is still heating.

At 11 o’clock I picked April up and we went to lunch with Sharon, Betty and Barb at one of the ladies favorite restaurants:

I had half of a turkey sandwich and cream of tomato soup. April had Broccoli-cheddar soup. We shared my sandwich.

After lunch we drove back to church and I dropped April off in the Welcome Center to study her Sunday School materials while I started cleaning restrooms. I got all the restrooms cleaned and serviced about 3 o’clock and we came home. We both were having trouble keeping our eyes open so we took an hour nap.

We got up about 4 o’clock and watched some TV.

Pat made us a chicken salad plate to eat. It was good but for some reason left me with a lot of gas and belching. ??‍♂️ She didn’t have any problem with it.

We watched a couple of old Remington Steele shows before going to bed.


I will go to work in a while to get the church facilities ready for tomorrow.

When I get back here we will need to get our teaching plan for Sunday School worked out.


Weather: The high will be about 80º with mostly sunshine.

That’s all for June 1, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch