Wednesday June 5 2019 Blog

Today is National Moonshine Day My mama would not like me emphasizing Moonshine Day. ?


Pat cooked sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast and served it with coffee and juice. Up in the morning I got my work clothes on and worked on the back fence to plug the place where the boards were missing. It’s just a temporary job as I plan to put up new boards and work on the fence during the summer. Scott says he will help me.

After lunch April and I went to the grocery and bought the things on our list. After that we watched some TV until the game shows came on. Scott called his mom and they played the games together via a video chat. I answered a couple of the puzzles.

Pat made a supper of roast beef, green beans, potatoes and slaw. We had some ice cream for dessert.

We watched TV until bedtime.


After I get some breakfast I will go to church to get the church facilities ready for Prayer Meeting and other activities. We will go to Prayer Meeting at 7:00 PM.


We will have temperatures in the mid 60s with rain or drizzle this evening. ?

That’s all for June 5, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch