Thursday June 6 2019 Blog

(I was almost 8 years old when this happened so I don’t remember much about it. ka)

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So thankful for these brave heroes!


I went to work by myself since April didn’t have a meeting to attend, got there at 10:30. Her meetings are over until September.

I spent the day getting the facilities ready for Wednesday evening activities.

Had a brief video chat with April over lunch then set up the Welcome Center for Prayer Meeting and came home.

We took an hour nap and then watched the news.

Pat made “Sloppy Joes” for supper with the left-over roast beef and served them with Cole Slaw.

We watched part of a TV show before going to church and finished it after we got back.

Prayer Meeting was fairly well attended and the Pastor taught a good Bible Study from Mark 12:13-17.

When we got home after church April took her medicine and we watched some more TV.


I’m taking the day just to rest, I need it. I think that is what we are both going to do.


High of 63ยบ with clouds, sun and showers today.

That’s all for June 6, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch