Monday June 10 2019 Blog

Saturday we got a letter from Wells Fargo stating that we have paid off our mortgage. We applied all of the money you sent for our 60th anniversary to our mortgage principal after purchasing our new dishwasher. Thank you all so very much for your generous contributions. We needed to get that expense out of the way so I could retire.


We picked up Marge and got to church by 9 o’clock, church started at 9:15.

Bryan brought a good sermon on “Singleness”, I don’t think I have ever heard a sermon on that topic before. The main point being that a single person can focus their attention on the things of God better than a married person. That’s not for me but it works for some people

After preaching I picked us up some cinnamon rolls to hold us until lunch and we went to Sunday School to teach. We had 9 in the class.

After Sunday School I locked the doors I was responsible to lock and took the keys to the office to leave for Anthony, who will be taking over the janitor position on Wednesday. Pat turned in her keys, too. Pastor called for all keys to be returned and had envelopes for writing names on to put the keys in. They are taking inventory of how many keys are out and who has them, trying to avoid the expense of having the building re-keyed.

After church 11 of us went to have lunch together.

Pat and I shared a Cowboy Biscuits and Gravy plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and of course biscuits and gravy.

We dropped Marge off at her place on the way home and went home for a nap. We were supposed to deliver a Mary Kay order in Corvallis before coming home but we forgot. Pat called her customer and made arrangements for her to pick it up here at the house today.

We did get down for a nap and got up at 4:30. Pat cleaned up some weeds she had pulled from the front rose bed and swept the sidewalk.

We watched TV and lounged around during the evening.

Pat served us pimento and cheese sandwiches with chips for supper. We had some ice cream a little while after supper.


I woke up at 7 o’clock and got up about 7:30. This is my first day of complete retirement and I’m loving it.

I fixed our favorite Monday morning breakfast and we went for a walk around the circle. It was only a 12 to 14 minute walk but it’s a start. Pat deadheaded roses and cut a few for the house after we got back from our walk.

There are several things I can work on but today I’ll probably just play it by ear and do whatever catches my fancy.


It’s a beautiful day today here in TGNW. The high is supposed to be 86ยบ with lots of sunshine.

Tht’s it for June 10, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch