Friday June 21 2019 Blog

Happy Birthday Madelyn, I’m glad we share a birthday. ?



Breakfast: Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, jelly, yogurt coffee, juice, milk
Lunch: Spam & Cheese Sandwich, chips, Coke
Supper: Papa’s Pizza, Papa’s Favorite with Coke to drink followed by a Dreamy Orange Float for dessert

I picked up the limbs and vines in the backyard we had cut off the oak tree the other day and put them in the back of the truck. Dave & Nancy, I’m going to need to make a visit to the burn pile before long. We still have some limbs to cut off first.

We watched some TV during the day.

I worked a little on a project out in the shop.

At 2:15 PM I dropped April off at an appointment and I took the grocery list to do the grocery shopping and get gas in the car. By the time I got the groceries unloaded and put away she was done with her appointment and I went to pick her up.

We watched the news at 4 o’clock and The Hoot at 5:00. After that we settled in to do some serious TV watching of Remington Steel.

Sometime during the day we got the dishwasher loaded and ran it and cleaned a bathroom.


I don’t know of any special plans we have for today, I guess we will do some serious relaxing and TV watching to celebrate my 81st birthday.


It is cool and cloudy here this morning. The high is supposed to be 72º with clouds breaking up later in the day.

That’s all for June 21, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch