Tuesday June 25 2019 Blog



Breakfast: Bacon, egg & cheese waffle sandwich, coffee, juice
Lunch: 1/2 Pimento & Cheese Sandwich, chips, Coke
Supper: Pinto Beans, hominy, wilted lettuce salad, cornbread, tea

When I was working for the church I would often find things in the dumpster that either the Korean Church or our church or someone else had discarded. Being the pack rat that I am I couldn’t stand to see good stuff thrown away, so I brought it home, thinking I might find a use for it. Here are some things I did yesterday:

Worked on an idea for a magnifying glass holder.

Mount a magnifying glass on the wooden stick.

At one point there were two boom microphone stands discarded. I was able to salvage parts from both and put together a good stand. The churches have since bought new equipment to replace them. I don’t really have a use for a microphone stand right now, so I’m trying to come up with a way to make use of it. I have a magnifying glass I think will work. At some point I may try to sell it as a microphone stand on Facebook Marketplace.

Another item that was discarded was a slide viewer.

All it needed was a bulb.

I haven’t tried it with a slide yet but I think it will work. It only views one slide at a time. I plan to try to sell it.

Posted a keyboard sustain pedal for sale on FB Marketplace

Keyboard Sustain Pedal

Our Holly bush (more like a tree) really needs cutting back and cleaning out underneath:

I cut a lot of limbs off of it and left them on the ground. I plan to pick them up today, load them on the truck and cut some more limbs.

I cleaned the sliding glass door to the deck where Baybie had made a mess when she was here while Scott was in the hospital. They need cleaning from time to time anyway.

I put boxes back on a shelf where they had fallen off in the floor in the storage area.

So, I was busy yesterday.

We watched TV and worked on some slides during the evening for our Sunday School lesson next Sunday.

We got our refund check from the bank for the escrow left in the account after paying off the loan on our house. ? ? ?


Pat’s glucose was 96 this morning. ❤️ Yea!

Here is my to do list:

  • Clean the other glass in the sliding door to the deck
  • Cut more limbs off the Holly bush and load them on the truck
  • Maybe start work on cleaning the deck for applying sealer
  • Wash the truck and maybe the car
  • Use the weed trimmer around the house
  • Go to the grocery with April
  • Visit some of the widows in our Sunday School class

There’s no way I can do all that today but at least I have goals.


Our high today is forecast to be 72º with some sun and a shower.

That’s all for June 25, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch