Friday June 28 2019 Blog

Happy Anniversary to Joe and Mollie.


Breakfast: Bagel & Cream Cheese, juice, coffee, yogurt
Lunch: Pizza and salad
Supper: Chinese Food at Wedding reception dinner at church

It rained off and on all day so Thursday turned out to be a relaxing day for me.

I studied on my Sunday School lesson for an hour or so during the morning and we watched Kelly and Ryan.

After lunch I drove April to the Post Office to mail a package, then we went to the grocery to get the things on our list. We got back home in time to see some of The HOOT before we had to leave to go to the reception at church.

When we got back home we watched the news and some more of Frankie Drake Mysteries. It is a Canadian show and has some of the characters from Murdoch Mysteries appearing in it from time to time.


Pat is doing good with her sugar level, her glucose reading was 106 this morning in spite of eating a big piece of wedding cake last night. ?

Since it is wet outside again this morning I guess I won’t be doing much, if any, outside work.

We haven’t discussed what we are going to do today.


It’s going to be cool with showers today and some rain, high of 73ยบ

That’s all for June 28, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch