Saturday June 29 2019 Blog


Breakfast: Sausage, fried eggs, toast, juice and coffee
Lunch: Pimento & cheese sandwiches with lettuce
Supper: Tortilla Soup

Pat wants some carpets cleaned. The last time I tried out our Hoover Carpet Cleaner it didn’t work very well. We discussed renting a carpet cleaner and decided we couldn’t clean all our carpets in one renting. So, I got our carpet cleaner and decided to service it. The only problem was that the brushes didn’t rotate but just a little, not enough to clean them.

Here’s some pictures of part of the problem:

Dog hair around the brush holder
Hair and lint on the brushes

I started taking it apart and reached a point where I didn’t know how to open one of the panels. There were no instructions in the User Manual and an imprint on the bottom said, “An authorized service representative must go beyond this point.” or something like that. I thought I was stumped and then remembered to check for YouTube help. There was a video that showed me how to open the part that had me stumped. So, I continued with the process.

I had thought it would need a new belt but it doesn’t use a belt. ? The brushes are powered by the force of the air and water. I did find a shaft that the brushes turn on that had rust on it. I cleaned and greased the shaft, put it back together and Voila, it works! Now on to cleaning carpets, but not today.

That process took a LOT longer than it takes to tell it. I finished servicing the carpet cleaner and put away my tools.

We visited with Scott on the phone for a while, did some laundry, took a nap, watched some TV online shows and had our Facetime date with Scott to watch Jeopardy & Wheel.


We’re going to spend some time preparing for teaching Sunday School tomorrow.

Since I didn’t work outside any yesterday, I may do some outside work today, there’s plenty to do.


We are to have clouds and sun today with a high of 79ยบ

That’s all for June 29, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch