Sunday June 30 2019 Blog

On this day in 1932 my older sister, Imogene Alexander was born in Madison County, Tennessee.


Breakfast: Ken had Coffee, juice, yogurt, cereal & banana; Pat had a bagel & cream cheese instead of the cereal but otherwise the same menu.
Lunch: Half Pimento & Cheese Sandwich with chips, pie and ice cream
Supper: Cup of soup and half of a roast beef sandwich

While Pat watched Kelly & Ryan I loaded some more limbs on the truck and took it to the Reece burn pile. I went up to the house after I unloaded the truck to check on Nancy. She says she is doing good, she still has her arm in a cast.

I got back to the house at 1 o’clock and we ate lunch.

We watched some TV while we ate and some during the afternoon.

During the evening we worked on slides for Sunday School and got our teaching plan worked out.

We had a video chat with Scott and made plans to go to his place sometime and watch a movie on his theater system.


  • Sunday School at 9:15
  • Coffee break at 10:30
  • Worship service at 11:00
  • Somewhere for lunch, maybe Old Spaghetti Factory
  • Home for an afternoon nap

We have security duty at church today during the worship service.


Our forecast for today is for partly sunny with a high of 81ยบ

That’s all for June 30, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch