Tuesday June 25 2019 Blog



Breakfast: Bacon, egg & cheese waffle sandwich, coffee, juice
Lunch: 1/2 Pimento & Cheese Sandwich, chips, Coke
Supper: Pinto Beans, hominy, wilted lettuce salad, cornbread, tea

When I was working for the church I would often find things in the dumpster that either the Korean Church or our church or someone else had discarded. Being the pack rat that I am I couldn’t stand to see good stuff thrown away, so I brought it home, thinking I might find a use for it. Here are some things I did yesterday:

Worked on an idea for a magnifying glass holder.

Mount a magnifying glass on the wooden stick.

At one point there were two boom microphone stands discarded. I was able to salvage parts from both and put together a good stand. The churches have since bought new equipment to replace them. I don’t really have a use for a microphone stand right now, so I’m trying to come up with a way to make use of it. I have a magnifying glass I think will work. At some point I may try to sell it as a microphone stand on Facebook Marketplace.

Another item that was discarded was a slide viewer.

All it needed was a bulb.

I haven’t tried it with a slide yet but I think it will work. It only views one slide at a time. I plan to try to sell it.

Posted a keyboard sustain pedal for sale on FB Marketplace

Keyboard Sustain Pedal

Our Holly bush (more like a tree) really needs cutting back and cleaning out underneath:

I cut a lot of limbs off of it and left them on the ground. I plan to pick them up today, load them on the truck and cut some more limbs.

I cleaned the sliding glass door to the deck where Baybie had made a mess when she was here while Scott was in the hospital. They need cleaning from time to time anyway.

I put boxes back on a shelf where they had fallen off in the floor in the storage area.

So, I was busy yesterday.

We watched TV and worked on some slides during the evening for our Sunday School lesson next Sunday.

We got our refund check from the bank for the escrow left in the account after paying off the loan on our house. ? ? ?


Pat’s glucose was 96 this morning. ❤️ Yea!

Here is my to do list:

  • Clean the other glass in the sliding door to the deck
  • Cut more limbs off the Holly bush and load them on the truck
  • Maybe start work on cleaning the deck for applying sealer
  • Wash the truck and maybe the car
  • Use the weed trimmer around the house
  • Go to the grocery with April
  • Visit some of the widows in our Sunday School class

There’s no way I can do all that today but at least I have goals.


Our high today is forecast to be 72º with some sun and a shower.

That’s all for June 25, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Monday June 24 2019 Blog



Breakfast: Ken- juice, coffee, cereal & 1/2 a banana; Pat- juice, coffee, bagel w/ cream cheese & 1/2 a banana
Lunch: @ Applebees: Chicken Strips, fries, slaw
Supper: @ home: Chicken Strips & fries.

We got to church a little early and went to our Sunday School class to teach. We had 10 present in the class. Pat did a good job teaching the lesson and I was her “Go-to Guy” on the computer.

After Sunday School we went to the Welcome Center and got some Maple doughnut bars and a cup of coffee.

We had a good worship service and well attended. This was our bulletin heading.

After church there were 10 of us that went out to eat together. Wayne & Doris had their two sons and a daughter-in-law there. The daughter-in-law, Cheryle, came to our Sunday School class with Doris.


April and I shared a chicken strips, fries and slaw plate. We brought enough home for supper.

After lunch we came home and took one of those delicious naps that happen sometime. I pressed the snooze button 3 times (10 minutes per snooze). We got up at 4:30.

We watched TV while we had the left-overs from lunch for supper.

We watched a couple of episodes of “Endeavor” on PBS before going to bed.


I hope to get some projects done outside and inside the house today. I’ll let you know tomorrow what I did.


They are predicting a high of 74º partly sunny and pleasant today.

That’s all for June 24, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Sunday June 23 2019 Blog

Happy Birthday to Rhya Lynch


Breakfast: Ken-Cereal & 1/2 banana, juice, coffee & yogurt; Pat-omelet, 1/2 banana, yogurt, coffee & juice
Lunch: House Salad
Supper: Pizza

It was a relaxing day for us. We watched some TV and spent a lot of time preparing our Sunday School lesson for teaching today.

We finished watching all the Remington Steele episodes and watched a Hallmark movie, The Chronicle Mysteries: Recovered. We kept seeing scenes that were familiar and at the end of the show we realized we had seen it in February this year. You know what they say, “One of the good things about getting old is you can watch movies you have already seen.” Cheeze!

During the afternoon I got out my clippers and cut my hair.

Since Pat had prepared the meals, I cleaned up the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher, we have clean dishes this morning.

We found out one of our favorite eating places closed on Thursday evening, McGrath’s Fish House. Oh well, it was greasy food anyway. Scott always said it was too greasy for him.

Not much else to tell about yesterday.


  • Sunday School at 9:15
  • Break at 10:30
  • Preaching at 11:00
  • Somewhere for lunch
  • Home for a nap
  • Watch TV or whatever


The high will be 73º and mostly cloudy today.

That’s all for June 23, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Saturday June 22 2019 Blog



Breakfast: 1/2 Jimmy Dean Sausage, egg and cheese croissant, 1/2 bagel w/cream cheese, coffee, yogurt
Lunch: Pinto beans, greens, stewed potatoes, cornbread
Supper: I had my free birthday Grand Slam at Denny’s, Pat had a salad and Scott had an omelet

It was a good birthday, we mostly laid around and watched TV. I got a lot of birthday greetings on Facebook and emails, even got some greeting cards, nice. Thank you for all the well-wishes, you made my day.

We met Scott at Denny’s at 5 o’clock to celebrate, he bought our supper. ❤️

Denny's Logo

I’m making my own logo’s now, afraid to use copyrighted logos.

We made a picture when we got home.

Scott came in for a while and went to sit in our visiting area under the oak tree. Pat stayed in the swing in the sun as it was a little chilly.

Looks kinda lonesome. ☹️

Scott had to see about Baybie so he went on home and they watched Jeopardy & Wheel while visiting on Facetime.

After Scott left we watched a couple of Remington Steele episodes before going to bed.


Besides eating we will do a lot of studying and planning on our Sunday School lesson. We haven’t done much on it this week.

Don’t know of anything else going on today.


High of 76º, partly sunny and pleasant today.

That’s it for June 22, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Friday June 21 2019 Blog

Happy Birthday Madelyn, I’m glad we share a birthday. ?



Breakfast: Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, jelly, yogurt coffee, juice, milk
Lunch: Spam & Cheese Sandwich, chips, Coke
Supper: Papa’s Pizza, Papa’s Favorite with Coke to drink followed by a Dreamy Orange Float for dessert

I picked up the limbs and vines in the backyard we had cut off the oak tree the other day and put them in the back of the truck. Dave & Nancy, I’m going to need to make a visit to the burn pile before long. We still have some limbs to cut off first.

We watched some TV during the day.

I worked a little on a project out in the shop.

At 2:15 PM I dropped April off at an appointment and I took the grocery list to do the grocery shopping and get gas in the car. By the time I got the groceries unloaded and put away she was done with her appointment and I went to pick her up.

We watched the news at 4 o’clock and The Hoot at 5:00. After that we settled in to do some serious TV watching of Remington Steel.

Sometime during the day we got the dishwasher loaded and ran it and cleaned a bathroom.


I don’t know of any special plans we have for today, I guess we will do some serious relaxing and TV watching to celebrate my 81st birthday.


It is cool and cloudy here this morning. The high is supposed to be 72º with clouds breaking up later in the day.

That’s all for June 21, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch