Thursday June 20 2019 Blog

Happy Birthday to Dalton Hall





Breakfast: Bagel & Cream Cheese. juice and coffee
Lunch: BBQ sandwich, potato salad, baked beans
Supper: Hamburger, potato salad, baked beans, retirement cake

After breakfast we read our Facebook memories and then I went outside to work. First, I got out the weed trimmer and cut the weeds in the rose garden while April picked more blossoms off of the rhododendron over the deck. I also cut weeds around the backyard.

Then I started on a project under the oak tree. Pat helped me and we cut dead limbs under the tree and some live ones that were hanging down too low.

Picture made on the deck step from the dining room
Under the tree looking from the East side
Under the tree from the West side

This gives us a good sitting/eating area when the sun is up and it is too hot on the deck. When we get everything looking like a cover on House & Garden Magazine we can have people over ?. But, its just us working on it so it won’t be right away.

After lunch we rested a lot, watched the news at 4 o’clock and left to go to the church picnic at 5:00. We were to stop by a Mary Kay customer’s house and deliver some Mary Kay but Pat called her and she wasn’t home so we went on to the picnic.

The picnic was well attended–

There were also people at other picnic tables around the area.

The pastor came to my table and announced there was cake in honor of my retirement on the dessert table.

That must be some kind of kissing fish!

Then he quoted a poem someone had written about me and gave me a gag gift.

A commode plunger decorated like a scepter.
I took a better picture of it when we got home.

He didn’t give me the poem he quoted. What a unique idea! It was a fun picnic.

After we had dessert we came on home. It was getting a little chilly to sit outside.

We stopped by Scott’s place to show him my gift and so he and Pat could watch Wheel of Fortune before going on home.

We watched Remington Steele until bedtime.


It showered a little during the night, the deck was wet when I went out so I don’t know if I will do any outside work or not today, it is also quiet cool. There is plenty to do.

We plan to watch The Hoot when it comes on 5:00 PM (PDT).

There is plenty to do inside and outside so I won’t be bored.


It looks like it will be raining some, high of 59º and cloudy.

That’s all for June 20, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Wednesday June 19 2019 Blog

Happy Birthday Katelyn Wilson


Breakfast: Ken: Cereal, juice, coffee; Pat: cruller, juice, coffee, milk
Lunch: Salad plate of potato salad, summer salad, tuna salad, deviled eggs, Ritz Crackers

Supper: Shared a BBQ sandwich with chips and Coke

We worked outside a lot, here is a list of our accomplishments:

  • Mowed back yard
  • picked up debris beside house
  • used weed trimmer on weeds in rose bed and back yard,
  • moved junk from back yard
  • trimmed skirt around Japanese Maple
  • put debris in yard debris can
  • pulled dead blooms off rhododendron bush (Pat did all this) ❤️

Had to rest a few times to do all that and we took a nap during the afternoon.

When I was copying the pictures off my camera there was this one from a few days ago:

Peace Rose

Pat and Scott had their Face Time date to watch Jeopardy & Wheel.We watched more Remington Steele during the evening.


I hope we can do some more work outside and some inside.

We have a church picnic in Avery Park in Corvallis this evening at 6 o’clock.


It looks like its going to be a really nice day, high of 72º, some clouds and pleasant.

That’s all for June 19, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Tuesday June 18 2019 Blog


Breakfast: Bacon, egg and cheese waffle sandwich
Lunch: Pork barbecue, black eyed peas, greens, potato salad, slaw, iced tea & cornbread
Supper: Tuna sandwich & chips.

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to copy a DVD of Scott’s that I made for him several years ago. It is damaged and won’t play on a DVD player. I couldn’t find the original copy to recreate the DVD. I have an app on my computer that will play it and I watched all of it that will play. When I told him what was on it he decided he didn’t want a copy of it anyway. But I figured out a way I can copy portions or all of a DVD using my video capture interface. I have ordered an S-video cable to be able to do that from an old VHS/DVD player I have. So, the time wasn’t wasted.

We watched some TV during the day and evening. I didn’t get around to any projects I have in mind.



  • I hope to start work on cleaning the deck for putting down new sealer.
  • I also would like to wash my truck.
  • I really need to mow the back yard before tacking anything else.
  • I need to use the weed trimmer in the rose beds.
  • I don’t think we have any firm plans for today. Pat has a customer order we need to deliver.


We are supposed to have a high of 78º today with clouds breaking up later in the day.

That’s all for June 18, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Monday June 17 2019 Blog


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We got ready to go to church a little early yesterday and picked Marge up in time to get to church before nine o’clock. ? We had 9 present in our class. After Sunday School I went to the Welcome Center and got a cup of coffee. One of our class members brought a box of donuts for us to share ❤️ so we didn’t get a snack at the Welcome Center.

We had good attendance at the worship service and the pastor preached on “Passing the Mantle”, training younger Christians for service and turning it over to them at the right time. He has turned the lead pastor duties over to Bryan.

After church we dropped Marge off at her place and headed for Scott’s place. We called him to let him know we were on the way and he said, “I’m so glad I told you to call, I need you to pick up some dog food for Baybie, it wouldn’t be fair for us to be eating pulled pork and her have nothing!” So, I did a U-turn at the next intersection and went to Fred Meyer. We got the dog food, a small pound cake and ice cream. Then went to his place. He had a lot of precious interruptions during the day as the kids called to wish him a Happy Father’s Day so the food wasn’t quite ready. We helped him finish getting the food ready and we ate about 3 o’clock. It was yummy. Here is a picture of my plate:

BBQ pork, potato salad, slaw, corn, greens, deviled eggs and baked beans.

He served us strawberry shortcake with ice cream for dessert.

He put on a DVD of family movies for us to watch. It was the year we took Grandma to DC with us and some Navy Band concerts. Fun memories. He had a DVD that his player said it couldn’t open so I brought it home with me to see if I can fix it some way. It plays OK on my computer. The problem is Apple no longer provides an app to make DVDs. I may have to buy a program to do it. ? Oh well, it was free for many years. We shared a lot of memories while we watched the DVD.

We made a family Father’s Day photo while we still had our good clothes on and not messed up. ?

Just us.

Scott sent a lot of food home with us, after we got it in the fridge we went down for a nap. ?

When we got up from the nap I made us a BBQ sandwich to share and we ate some chips and deviled eggs with it.

We watched a Hallmark movie on TV and checked our memories on Facebook before bedtime.


We’re just relaxing today, no special plans. I made our favorite waffle sandwich for breakfast.

I’ll just have to let you know tomorrow what we did.


We’re supposed to have a high of 81º, partly sunny and pleasant today.

That’s all for June 17, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Father’s Day 2019


Three dads, four generations.
Pat and her dad


Breakfast: juice, coffee, oats, little sausages, toast
Lunch: Tuna sandwich with chips & a Coke
Supper: Lake trout, slaw, corn, tea

We had some trout in the freezer that one of our Sunday School Class members gave us some time ago so we decided to try our hand at cooking some.

Trout, corn on the cob, Cole Slaw

It turned out pretty good but we had way too much food for us. We should have only cooked one small one for the two of us.

During the morning I put silicone seal in the crack in the bathroom in our bedroom where all the ants were coming in. They’ll probably find another way in. ??‍♂️

After lunch I got out the mower and mowed the front lawn. I had to rest more often than I wanted to but I finally got it done. Pat broke a bunch of the old blossoms off of the Rhododendron over the deck so that when I finish putting the sealer on the deck they won’t be falling off the tree onto the wet sealer.

I advertised an electronic drum set on Facebook Marketplace. I had picked it up some time back and needed to sell it. I priced it at $100 and had it sold in about two hours. The fellow came by and picked it up about the time I finished mowing. He got a good deal because that thing sold for $1,650 when new. I got a flood of inquiries in my Message Box, amazing!

We took a nap after I got rid of the drum set and then got on Facebook for a while.

We worked on our Sunday School teaching plan for an hour or so, watched a TV show and went to bed.


  • Pick Marge up for Sunday School at 8:30
  • Teach Sunday School from 9:15 to 10:30
  • Coffee break at 10:30
  • Worship Service from 11:00 to 12:15
  • Go to Scott’s place for a BBQ pork lunch for Father’s Day
  • Take a nap after lunch
  • Watch TV, etc. until bedtime


The high today will be 81º and partly cloudy, nice day.

Nice, we have a full moon tonight.

That’s all for June 16, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch