Friday July 26 2019 Blog

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Breakfast: Yogurt, juice and coffee
Lunch: 1/2 Peanut Butter & banana sandwich
Supper: Pizza at Three Dog Farm

I loaded the rest of logs in the truck to take the to the Reece burn pile.

We drove out to the Reece house about 1 o’clock and visited a while. I unloaded the logs when we got there. Here are the pictures:

Walker teaching Aunt Pat how to play Backgammon.
Nancy working on the pizza fixin’s and visiting with Susan
Dave has sausage cooking on the grill while visiting with Cliff
The pizza cooking and eating area
Fireplace and pizza oven
The seating area
A different view of the seating area
A fountain in the pizza oven area
Honeybees drinking water from the fountain
Pat chopping onions for the pizza
Susan slicing peppers for the pizza
Fixin’s for the pizzas
Green salad and fruit salad
Dave putting a pizza in the oven
Moving the pizzas around in the oven
Walker’s and Penny’s pizza is done
Ken’s & Pat’s pizza is done

Pat made a jug of sweet tea to share for the meal.

Susan and Cliff
Ken and Pat
Walker and Penny with Samantha and Molly
Dave and Nancy

It was a delight to see Cliff and Susan at Three Dog Farm and we had a wonderful time. Nance and Dave’s skills at putting together pizza fixin’s is pretty impressive. It was fun to make our own pizza and see it cooked before our eyes in a real pizza oven. Thanks Dave and Nancy for a great time.

We left to come home abut 5 o’clock and watched the news when we got home. I know some of you are not Bill O’Reilly fans but those of you who are may want to watch this free presentation of his take on the Mueller Report and why the far left hates America.

We had some more of the pizza for supper to take medicine with.

We watched TV until bedtime.


We haven’t talked about what we are going to do today.

I bought some walking shoes online from a place that is headquartered in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. The shoes came from China and took forrreeever to get here. When they finally arrived they are too small so I have to return them. Bummer! So, we will need to decide whether to send them by UPS or USPS and get them on the way. Pat said we should just drive them there. ? Not a bad idea, it would be a beautiful trip and she would get to drive the new car on the interstate but we probably won’t do that, at least not today.

I have some outside work to do if it doesn’t get too hot. We didn’t get up until 9 o’clock this morning so its getting on up in the day here now.


It is currently 76º going up to about 90º today, humidity is 41%.

That’s all for July 26, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch