Saturday July 27 2019 Blog

July 27th


Breakfast: Bagel & cream cheese, juice and coffee
Lunch: 1/2 pimento & cheese sandwich, 1/2 Coke, yogurt
Supper: Pork roast, stewed potatoes, pinto beans, summer salad, tea

Not much to say about yesterday. We didn’t get up until 9 o’clock and mostly sat around, watched TV and were on our computers. We hardly got out of the house.

We took a nap during the afternoon and were going to sit in the deck swing to drink our coffee but it was too hot out there so we drank it in the bowflex and watched TV. I did go to the mailbox and get the mail.

Pat & Scott had their Jeopardy/Wheel date like The Jetsons.
We worked on our Sunday School teaching plan during the evening.


Not much planned for today either. We need to go get gas in the car and will finish our Sunday School lesson teaching plan. Its too hot to do much outside.


The current temperature is 65º with a high of 83º predicted. Not too bad so I may tackle one of those outside projects after all.

That’s all for July 27, keep in touch

The Family Patriarch