Sunday July 28 2019 Blog

July 28th National Day Calendar


Breakfast: Yogurt and coffee
Lunch: Bacon, eggs, biscuits & Blackberry jam
Supper: Bagel & cream Cheese, ice cream, I ate some popcorn

I loaded the dishwasher and ran it first thing. We seem to always run out of teaspoons and juice glasses first. Then I got out the leaf blower and blew the leaves and debris out of the front rose garden and from under the rhododendron bush and put it all in the yard debris can. A new soaker hose came that I had ordered from Amazon so I removed the old busted one and installed the new one.

Pat cooked us some breakfast for lunch and spent a lot of time paying bills and studying for SS. We took a nap, had coffee in the deck swing then we both worked together to get our Sunday School teaching plan ready for today.

We drove the car to the station and filled it with gas. It has a 10 gallon tank so it was only about $25.

During the evening we watched TV and relaxed.


  • Sunday School at 9:15
  • Coffee Break at 10:30
  • Preaching at 11:00
  • Somewhere for lunch after church
  • Home for a nap.
  • Probably watch TV and relax for the rest of the day


It is currently 57º with a high of 85º predicted with plenty of sunshine.

That’s all for July 28, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch