Tuesday July 30 2019 Blog

July 30th National Calendar


Breakfast: Bacon, egg & cheese waffle, juice, coffee
Lunch: Squash, green beans, summer salad, stewed potatoes
Supper: Hot dog, Bush’s Baked Beans, potato chips, ice cream

I pretty much covered what we did yesterday in last night’s late blog.

I talked to Scott last night and he said the drive into town and back charged the battery and it was still charged when he got home, so its not a problem with the battery or the charging system. He says he is going to back into his parking space from now on so the battery will be accessible from the street.

Pat and Scott (*Jetson watched) Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. We watched TV until bedtime.

(* Remember The Jetson’s TV cartoons?)


I hope to remove a bunch of leaves under the holly tree in the back yard.

We need to go to the Post Office and mail some shoes I bought online, they are too small and I need to return them. I checked about sending them by UPS and it was going to cost almost $22, ouch! We could just about drive to Grants Pass and back for that amount and deliver them ourselves. Of course it would take all day to do it.

I need to check on the sprinklers for the rose gardens and make sure they are watering as they should because it is really dry here in TGNW.


It is currently 62º and cloudy with a high of 81º and sunshine predicted.

That’s all for July 30, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch