Wednesday July 31 2019 Blog

July 31st National Day Calendar


As soon as I got some coffee I unloaded the dishwasher and put the clean dishes away then put the few dirty dishes in the racks.

I saw that the rose garden was very dry so I checked on the sprinkler valves and for some reason the solenoid for that zone wasn’t activating when it was turned on. I couldn’t figure out what the problem is, I suspect there is something wrong with the solenoid, they are about 20 years old now so I guess it’s time for problems. I saw that they watered automatically this morning, Hmm. Need to investigate further.

We went to the Post Office during the afternoon and mailed the “too small’ shoes back to the business I bought them from. It was only $8, a lot better than the $22 UPS was going to charge.

On the way back from the PO we stopped at the grocery store for me to buy some milk.

I wanted to take a nap but April was in her bill paying mode and said she knew she wouldn’t be able to go to sleep so I snoozed in the “Bowflex” while she paid bills.

At 4 o’clock we watched the news.

I called in an order for Papa Murphy’s pizza and went to pick it up for supper.

April and Scott watched Wheel of Fortune together, Scott was taking a nap during Jeopardy.

We watched some TV shows until bedtime.


I hope to get some of that outside work done today.

We plan to go to Prayer Meeting tonight at six and take food to a couple on the way. She’s our age and fell face first on concrete last week; broke her nose and wrist. She had surgery on the wrist so is unable to prepare meals. The women of the church are taking meals to them, today is Pat’s turn.


It is currently 65º with a high of 84º predicted with lots of sunshine.

That’s all for July 31, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch