Saturday July 6 2019 Blog

This was fried at Scott’s place yesterday evening



Breakfast: Oats, little Banquet sausages, toast, juice, coffee
Lunch: Yogurt and banana
Supper: Deep Fried Chicken, French Fried Potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, baked beans, Slaw and bread, strawberry shortcake with ice cream for dessert.

We got up about 9 o’clock. I cooked breakfast for us first thing. After breakfast I loaded and ran the dishwasher.

During the afternoon I got out all the parts to our deep fryer and tested it out (It hasn’t been used in a couple of years). We have plenty of propane and it worked just fine so I loaded the cooker and all the necessary stuff for cooking chicken in the truck.

At 4 o’clock we got in the truck and drove to South Corvallis to pick up a Redbox video I had rented. (I had a $1.25 discount so the movie only cost 50¢) ? Of course there was the cost of the gas to drive to Corvallis but, what a deal! Redbox has the best price on movies and if you’re going to be out anyway…

We got to Scott’s place about 5 o’clock and I assembled the cooker and started the oil heating.

Cooking chicken and fries

The food was done by 6 o’clock and we watched the movie while we ate. It was much like all the other Jurassic movies, noisy and scary. The CGI is outstanding.

Scott bought all the food for the meal; we had fried chicken, french fires, slaw, baked beans and corn on the cob. Very delicious! We brought iced tea, bread and cake for the dessert.


He made a “selfie” of us watching the movie:

April has her computer open.

After the movie I poured up the cooking oil and loaded the stuff in the truck to go home. We visited a while before leaving.

By the time we got home and put the food and equipment away, it was after 10 PM. We watched one show on TVonline and went to bed.


Last night I told Siri to remind me to make Metamucil this morning and this was her reminder…

At least I knew what it was.?

I need to clean up the cooker and put everything away for the next time.

We will work on Sunday School lesson preparation today.

Not sure what else we will do at this point. We may go to the grocery store as we are getting low and out of some things.


The weather yesterday evening was just perfect for a cookout.

We have some clouds this morning but they are supposed to break up and it be pleasant this afternoon with a high of 73º.

That’s all for July 6, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Friday July 5 2019 Blog

Happy Birthday Tracy Nanny Johnson



Breakfast: Ken-cereal & banana, coffee, juice, yogurt; Pat-rice cake, coffee, juice, yogurt
Lunch: 1/2 pimento & cheese sandwich, chips and 1/2 Coke
Supper: Cream of Potato Soup & saltine crackers

Here are some of the things I did yesterday:

  1. Ran the vacuum in the bedroom to pick up some dust.
  2. Mounted a power strip in the shop.
  3. Removed Styrofoam sides off of outside table and put table under the oak tree.
  4. Made a temporary storage area for the mower.
  5. Sprayed insect killer up in the oak tree. (Pat said she wouldn’t sit out there because worms came down on strands of web.)

This is the table mentioned above. It is the one I built to go over the fire pit when it rained and I converted it to a dog house for Baybie when Scott was in the hospital.

Now to be used when we eat out there.

It needs some paint but I guess we will just put a cloth over it. I may paint it later.

With Baybie in it.

We watched TV for most of the rest of the day.

We stayed up until the celebrators quit shooting fireworks and got in be about midnight.


We slept until 9 o’clock this morning.

I’ve got to get my deep fryer out and make sure we have propane and cooking oil. When we go to Scott’s for supper I will pick up a Redbox DVD for us to watch. I got a $1.25 promo code from them so the movie will only cost us 50¢.

‘ve got to get my deep fryer out and make sure we have propane and cooking oil. When we go to Scott’s for supper I will pick up a Redbox DVD for us to watch. I got a $1.25 promo code from them so the movie will only cost us 50¢.

We will cook chicken and fries at his place, we plan to eat about 5 o’clock and watch the movie on his theater system. He is getting the chicken and fries, etc. This will be our Fourth of July celebration.

Not sure what else we will do today.


The weather is forecast to be clouds and sun with a high of 78º, very nice.

That’s all for July 5, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Thursday July 4 2019 Blog


Breakfast: Ken-cereal, coffee, juice; Pat-bagel w/cream cheese, juice, coffee
Lunch: Tortilla Soup
Supper: Hamburger Soup

Pat wanted my bathroom carpet cleaned so I got out the Hoover Carpet Cleaner and started it up after breakfast. Whoops! The little brushes aren’t turning! I fooled with it some and decided I had to take it apart again to see why the brushes wouldn’t turn. When I got it open and checked on things I found that a lever that is supposed to turn the brushes on and off was stuck in the “off” position and nothing I did helped it go to the “on” position automatically. I talked with April about it and she said, “Can you just fix it where they stay on all the time?” That was the solution. I thought about putting a rubber band on the lever but decided rubber would deteriorate over time and would become a problem again later. I looked around for something to use and settled on some sewing thread. So, I pulled a “McGyver” and locked it in the “on position with several turns of thread and tied it off. Done! It worked like a charm! The brushes are only turned by the vacuum suction so it won’t matter if they stay on. I cleaned the carpet and vinyl in our bathroom and then worked on the vinyl floor in the guest bathroom. She wanted to see how it would do on the kitchen floor so we tackled that next. Looks pretty good!

After lunch I put the carpet cleaner and my tools away and we watched TV for a while.

After eating supper we went to Prayer Meeting/Bible Study. The church had changed the time to 6 o’clock from 7 o’clock and we just barely made it before prayer request time. It was a minute or two after 6:00 when we got there. Of course they had to tease us about being late. ?

On the way home we stopped by the grocery to pick up some things. I was surprised at how few people were there to be the evening of July 3rd.

When we got home April finished eating her soup she had left in a hurry (she has to take her medicine with food) and we watched some TV shows before going to bed. I’m working on getting rid of my “bay window” so we didn’t have ice cream.


We don’t have any big plans for today, just stay home and relax. April said, “You know, grandpa said, ‘stay off the roads’.” I hope to do a couple of jobs outside but no big projects. We plan to celebrate on Friday at Scott’s place with a fried chicken meal and watch a movie on his theater system.

We hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends and enjoy this wonderful country we live in.


It is supposed to be mostly sunny and pleasant here today with a high of 82º

That’s it for July 4th, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Wednesday July 3 2019 Blog



Breakfast: Ken: cereal & banana, juice, coffee, yogurt; Pat: bagel & cream cheese, coffee, juice, yogurt
Lunch: Hamburger soup and salad
Supper: 1/2 Pimento Cheese Sandwich and chips

I went to Lowe’s to get some things during the morning. I wanted 3 things but only found one.

  • Some caulking to go around the bathroom window to keep ants out
  • A small bottle of Home Defense bug killer
  • A lamp cord switch.

I got the caulking but all they had in the bug killer was a 1 gallon can, I only needed about a quart. They did not have a lamp cord switch, neither did Fred Meyer. I bought the caulking and came home. I found the switch on Amazon and ordered it and some Terro Ant Killer.

Lamp cord switch.

These businesses are sending me to Amazon more and more. I couldn’t believe they didn’t have a simple switch like this!

Pat wanted me to put her BB gun back together so I tackled that first. I had to review the YouTube video and it took me about an hour to finish it. But, it is serviceable again.

Speaking of the BB gun, I got some email questions about it:

Hi Kenny,

I had to laugh because you were worried that you didn’t get to all the things you wanted to do…let me remind you that you are
 RETIRED!? You will find more things to do than you will EVER have time to do! 

Secondly…why did Pat need the BB gun?  Do you have a critter in the back yard that shouldn’t be there? HA!  Join the club…I just couldn’t resist commenting! 

Love to you both,

This was my response to Susan:

I’m still working on being REALLY retired. ? I’m finding out about more things than I will ever have time to do. Susan, if I told you why Pat has a BB gun I would have to kill you. Ha. I think she is going to respond to the question. One of her dear friends in Tennessee asked the same thing. Answer coming soon I think.


Then there was this one:

OK, The blogosphere wants to know why Pat has a BB gun and what does she use it for?

Joanna Moore

My reply to this one:

If I tell you I will have to kill you.  ?


Pat sent them this email:

Dear friends,

Some may not know that I was the rifle range champion at 4-H camp and Aria wanted me to teach her to shoot. Ken bought the BB gun (a rifle would be against the law in town I think) and hung a target on the fence. I had fun showing her how to hold the gun and sight the target. Daddy taught me to shoot cans off the fencepost when I was 8 years old. At camp the man at the rifle range laughed at the “left handed girl” when I showed up. When I saw they let us lay down and prop our arms on a dirt ridge, I didn’t know how ANYBODY could miss the target.

I never went hunting animals or birds but I have shot mistletoe out of treetops at Christmastime.

From time to time unwanted critters get in the yard. I don’t shoot to kill, just enough to hopefully cause them to associate my yard with pain and stay away. The one in the photo got away before I could get the gun but this was a year ago and we haven’t seen it again. I now keep the gun beside the back door so I can grab it quickly.


She included this picture:

After lunch I went outside and raked up a bunch of leaves and limbs and put them in the the yard debris recycle can. The can got full and I had to put a lot of them in a yard debris bag to empty later.

I also got the bathroom in our bedroom ready to clean the carpet.

Pat and Scott did their usual video chat and game show thing from 7:00 to 8:00 then we visited with Scott some while we had him on the chat.

We watched TV until bedtime.


I’m going to start cleaning that bathroom carpet pretty soon now, at least that is my plan.

We need some things from the grocery but not enough to make a full shopping trip.

We have Prayer Meeting tonight at church and I am supposed to show the new custodian how to set the lawn sprinkler controls.


We are to have some clouds and sun today with a high of 67º.

That’s all for July 3, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Tuesday July 2 2019 Blog


Breakfast: Bacon, egg & cheese waffle sandwich, coffee, juice, yogurt
Lunch: Pimento & Cheese sandwich, chips
Supper: Pizza & Salad

My good intentions of doing some outside work never materialized. I didn’t get up until almost 9 o’clock and I spent some time getting my Sunday School slides prepared for Sunday, watched some TV with April and laid around some.

April brought me her BB gun and said she couldn’t get the BBs to load into the chamber that feeds them to the breach where they go in the barrel. I fooled with it some and I couldn’t get them to load either. So, after some time I took it out to the shop and started a “tear down” of it. That was a mistake! Parts started falling everywhere before I could get a look at where they were coming from. I messed with it a while and knew I would never get it back together without more information. I found a YouTube video of how to repair a Crosman 716 BB gun and worked on it with the video. I got most of it done but finally put it aside for later. I had spent enough time on it that I needed a fresh start.

Pat had a MK order ready to take to a customer in North Albany and checks to go to her bank in Corvallis so we headed over there. I returned the security log book to the church office while we were there.

I did a video chat with Scott and he wanted me to research whether his computer can load and run Sibelius Music program. I looked into it while he and his mom were watching their game shows and it looked me me like it would work. After they finished watching their shows I told him it looked like it would work so I think he bought it and started the download/installation process last night.

We watched some movies on Hallmark, “Flip That Romance” and “The Disappearing Game” before going to bed.

There was a tornado in Portland yesterday evening, lots of damage but I didn’t hear of any injuries.


I need to finish putting the BB gun back together. I never did see a reason why the BBs wouldn’t load. Hmm.

Maybe I can do some of that outside work also.

I’m pretty sure we need to go to the grocery store.

Right now I’m going to make another cup of coffee. BRB…

I need to go to Lowe’s and pick up some things.

That’s all I know of at this point.


Our weather is supposed to be partly sunny and pleasant, high of 72º

That’s all for July 2, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch