Thursday August 1 2019 Blog

August 1 National Day Calendar


Some of the things I did yesterday:

  • Tightened the hose connector on the front rose garden soaker hose, it was leaking
  • Got out the hedge trimmers and cut the dead flower heads off of the clematis vines by the deck
  • Sharpened the pizza cutter blade
  • Took her to deliver food to a family, the wife is hurt and can’t cook
  • Went to Prayer Meeting/Bible Study

April cooked dinner for a friend who fell and broke her dominant wrist and had to have surgery. She also paid some more bills during the day.

We watched TV while we ate after prayer meeting.

I didn’t get around to the leaves under the holly tree but I see they are still there. ?

I got these emails from family:

hey, hope you are enjoying being home more. There is always something that needs doing.
Our neighbor Dr. Matthews has parkinson and is frail. They are moving to SC and had a sale. Dwight and I went. He bought a desk and Chair the doc had used in his office.  I bought some purses and throw pillows. Dwight had to replace a wheel on the chair so he bought a whole set. He amazes me fixing stuff. It looks great.
We moved his black glass desk out to go in a trailer. We need another table for the computer sometime.
Today he is spraying round up. He didn’t want me to help since I cough about everything.
Brooke starts 7th grade this Friday. 
Terri and Chrystal are still at the barn. Their apartment water had to be replaced. It had set empty 8 months and pipes had burst. They moved furniture before July 1st. Still come to barn to sleep. Maybe it will be soon. David gave the chickens to a farmer friend. It made Terri mad.  I didn’t want to have to see about them and David didn’t either. Write more later.


Keep em coming!  I look forward to the blog daily!

Here’s some images from our time with the kids the past few days. 

Nancy Jean

Mexican and ice cream



I’m going to see what I can get done outside today but I don’t have any definite plans.

We need to go to the grocery.


It is currently 60º with sunshine, high is predicted to be 86º with clouds and some sun, nice.

That’s it for August 1, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch