Saturday August 3 2019 Blog

August 3 National Day Calendar


Friday: August 2, 2019
Breakfast: Sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese, toast and blackberry jam, juice and coffee
Lunch: Pizza and Coke
Supper: KFC Original Recipe with mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuit, and chocolate chip cookies

We went for a walk around the circle after we got through with breakfast and she watched Kelly & Ryan.

I put on my work clothes and attacked that holly tree again. I cut that lower limb off and carried it and some other debris and put it in the truck to haul off.

Now I need to haul a bunch more limbs to the truck and get the leaves up. I got this far and April called me to help her with questions about the loan, she was on the phone with an agent from the credit union that has our loan and they would only talk to me because my name was on the loan. We spent more than an hour getting her set up to submit payments online. I think its interesting that when I get on the phone they assume they have the correct person but I could have been anyone, they don’t know my voice. ??‍♂️

When it was time for supper we decided we wanted KFC so we drove the the restaurant and got two of their $5 Fill-ups. We hadn’t had KFC in a while, it is too salty and greasy for eating regularly.

After our nap we sat in the deck swing and enjoyed the breeze and comfortable temperature for about an hour and half (Just like Daisy and EK. – P.) then watched a couple shows on TVonline.

April’s glucose has been “on target” (under 110) two weeks in a row. ? She’s doing good.

She washed our sheets and we took baths before going to bed, I like sleeping on freshly washed sheets.

I got this email from Linda Kay:

I couldn’t find a blog today so I looked at yesterday. You have one there, but it didn’t come through my email. You have put in some work on that holly tree. Isn’t it amazing how growth just takes over! It’s looking good.
Good to see Katee is making a trip to see you. 
Take care!


I plan to haul some more of those limbs to the truck and get the leaves up.

We didn’t make it to the grocery yesterday so we have got to do that today, we’re out of some essentials. That will probably be our walk for the day. Scott is coming over for a late lunch and to sit out back with us like Grandmaw and Grandpaw.

We’ll get our Sunday School lesson plan finished this afternoon.


It is currently 69º with a high of 89º and mostly sunny for today.

That’s all for August 3, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch