Thursday August 8 2019 Blog

August 8 National Day Calendar


Breakfast: Coffee, juice, 1/2 bagel & cream cheese, 1/2 banana, milk
Lunch: Tamales, corn chips, Dream Float for dessert
Supper: Pimento & Cheese Sandwich with chips and Coke, ice cream

We decided to put the Garmin GPS device in the console of the Toyota, it worked but slipped around some. So, I took it to the shop and cut a piece of metal to fit down in the console to hold it in place. I know that doesn’t make much sense by itself so I made pictures.

Garmin in console
Base I made to hold it in place

The car has a built in mapping navigation system but I haven’t learned how to use it yet, the instructions are somewhat hard to follow. I know how to program the Garmin and we already have several destinations programmed in. I’m sure we will use the Toyota map some but for now this is our better option. It took a while to figure out the best configuration for it and make the base. Also, it is easy to get updates for the Garmin.

Another project I tackled was the rose garden watering system. Sometimes it doesn’t come on automatically and the ground gets really dry. I had already decided it must the solenoid to the sprinkler. It just so happened that I had picked up an extra solenoid somewhere along the line and I knew where it was (that’s amazing in itself!). So, I turned the water off to the sprinkler system and replaced the bad solenoid. VOILA! It works! the roses were watered this morning at 7 o’clock. Good deal. One of those times when saving something paid off. The funny part is, it is raining this morning so it doesn’t need to water.

I put our deck cushions and chairs away last night on a feeling we might have rain even though the weather people hadn’t said so, glad I did.

We went to Prayer Meeting/Bible Study at 6 o’clock and were home before 8:00.

We watched TV (mostly streamed from the computer) and were on our computers some until bedtime.

Scott had to take his dog to the vet, she had a sore on her face. The vet said it looked like something had bitten her. She fears nothing but something out of place in the house or yard. ?

She’s on antibiotics and pain meds.


We are supposed to go to Philomath for lunch with the seniors from our church at 12:30 PM. That kinda depends on when Katee gets here, she arrives in the area sometime today so we are on hold for that. We have a family gathering planned in the late afternoon at the Reece Three Dog Farm. Looking forward to it.


It is currently 59º and cloudy with showers, high is supposed to be 73º with sun and clouds. Apparently, the weather people don’t know we have had showers. ?

That’s all for August 8, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch