Friday August 9 2019 Blog

August 9 National Days


Breakfast: Ken-Coffee, Yogurt, OJ, Cheerios & milk; Pat-Rice Cake, OJ, Yogurt, coffee
Lunch: Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, milk, blackberry jam
Supper: Cheeseburger, baked beans, slaw, potato chips, fruit, brownies

Hmm, I can’t remember doing anything productive yesterday besides fixing lunch. I spent some time reading the Owner’s Manual for the Toyota. We were waiting for Katee to come to our place and us go to the Reece’s for a “get together”. She got here about 4 o’clock and we got to the Three Dog Farm about 5:00. Here are the pictures:

On the Pizza Deck waiting for the food to get ready.
Jonny and Wylea were already at the house when we got there.
Dave building a fire in the fireplace, it was a little cool.
Michael from Reece & Associates came to the party. He and Katee are friends.
A roaring fire
Katee found another old friend.
Burger, beans, slaw and chips

Pat brought the beans, slaw, chips and a jug of tea.

Group picture
The goofy picture

You can see that the boys brought their pet elk. ? It was laying on the floor waiting to be hung somewhere. We had a wonderful time visiting, telling old family stories and eating. What a special time. Thank you Dave and Nancy for sharing your wonderful home with us.

We came back home about 8 o’clock and Katee went on to Kalin’s for the evening. We watched some TV before going to bed.


Katee wants to see the ocean while she is here so we are going to the coast today. I told her and Scott we will pick them up at Scott’s place at 9 o’clock.

Katee will leave Oregon and go to Longview, WA this afternoon to see her brother and nieces. Joe D. gets off from work at 4:00.


It is currently 56º and cloudy with a high of 79º, clouds and sun predicted.

That’s if for August 9, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch