Saturday August 10 2019 Blog

August 10 National Days


Breakfast: Yogurt, bagel & cream cheese, cereal & milk, coffee, juice
Lunch: Prime Rib sandwich, mashed potatoes, clam chowder (Georgie’s)
Supper: Pizza and fresh tomato wedges, Coke

We picked up Katee and Scott at his place to go to the coast. We arrived a few minutes after 9:00 and were loaded and on our way a few minutes later. It was a pretty day for a drive through the Coastal Range of mountains. We had clouds and sun breaks during the day. We were a little early to eat lunch so we went sightseeing first. Here are the pictures:

A sassy woman waiting for me to unlock the car.
I took a picture of two clowns with the ocean behind them.
The lighthouse in silhouette
Ken & Scott with the lighthouse behind them
A stop for lunch.

April and I shared some clam chowder and a prime rib open face sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy on top. We used the last of our anniversary gift card from Lexi and Bart to pay for our lunch. Katee and Scott saw some whale spouts in the distance.

We drove down to Nye Beach for Katee to get on the beach and go to the ocean. The closest place to park was about 1/4 mile from the area so I just drove around until they were ready to go and picked them up.

We had a fun drive home with Scott and Katee clowning in the back seat. We dropped them off at Scott’s place about 2:30 so Katee could get on the road to Washington. Her comment, “Great, just in time for Portland rush hour!” Scott said she sent him a text that she got through Portland OK. We haven’t heard from her since, we assume she made it to Longview.

We stopped by the service station and filled up the Toyota on the way home, we got 39 mpg on our first tank. About half of that was driving around the Albany-Corvallis area. Not bad.

We took a nap when we got home. It rained a bit after dark.

Going for more coffee…

We watched TV and got the pictures off of the camera onto our computers before going to bed.


We’ve got to get our Sunday School lesson plans together today and maybe go to the grocery store. Not sure what else we will do.


It is currently 61º with a high of 75º and some showers predicted for today.

That’s all for August 10, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch