Monday August 12 2019 Blog

August 12 National Days


Breakfast: Bagel & Cream Cheese, juice, coffee
Lunch: Farm House Salad and Coke @ Arby’s
Supper: BLT, chips, Coke and later we had ice cream for dessert

We got to Sunday School a little before 9:00 and went to our Sunday School Class. We had 8 present in the class. Pat taught a good lesson from Titus Chapter 1, I was her “go to” guy on the computer with slides she wanted.

After SS we went to the Welcome Center for coffee and a brownie, then to preaching.

After church we went to Arby’s for lunch with friends. April and I shared a Farm House Salad with Senior size drinks.

After lunch we drove Marge home then went to the grocery for some medicine. We have other things on the list but will get them later.

We came home and went down for a nap right away.

After the nap we had coffee in the deck swing and sat out there for quite a while just chatting and enjoying the pretty day.

We worked together to make the BLTs for supper, I cooked the bacon and prepared the tomato while she got the bread and lettuce ready.

We did backups of our computers and were on our computers and/or watched a movie on Hallmark Mysteries and Movies channel then a couple of shows on tvonline. (Somebody slept through the last part of the movie and doesn’t know who the killer was. tee hee P.)


I’m thinking its time to get the weeds out of the rose garden again and pick up the leaves that are still in the back yard under the holly tree. There are not many under there but I need to get them up before more start falling in a few months. ? I also may move the stepping stones that are between the roses and put them where they are needed more, probably from the gate to the deck on the East side of the house. Come to think of it I should move the stones before weeding.

I need to cut my hair today.

I haven’t planned the day any farther than that at this point.

I need to prepare the basic slides for next Sunday and print out our memory verse slips.


I went to do the weather and saw this headline:

We hardly had any rain here in the valley.

It is currently 52º and sunny with a high of 83º and partly sunny predicted.

That’s all for August 12, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch