Tuesday August 13 2019 Blog

August 13 National Days

I love my left hander.


Breakfast: Bacon-egg-cheese waffle sandwich, juice, coffee, yogurt
Lunch: Kielbasa & vegetables, bread slaw, ice tea.
Supper: More casserole, biscuit and tea.

I got going and raked up all those leaves under the holly tree and put them in the recycle can, also did some other straightening in the back yard. Its beginning to look better out there, still a lot to do ’till it looks like House and Garden Magazine. Not sure I will ever make it.

We talked about cleaning the floor in the den and worked on the Hoover floor cleaner which has started leaking, does that count? Sat down in the Bowflex until it went away. ? (The thought, not the floor.)

I have been reading the Owner’s Manual for the car. Learned how to do some things I need to know how to do.

We took a nap from 3:30 to 4:30 then went to the swing for coffee, stayed until the neighbors starting making so much noise we couldn’t hear each other then went inside to watch the news.

I was finishing my supper when I suddenly realized I was supposed to be at Deacon’s Meeting. Got up and headed out. I was about 30 minutes late but no one yelled at me. ? This was my first Deacon’s Meeting to meet with the new lead pastor Bryan. He said the church he grew up in didn’t have Deacons, they had Elders, about the same thing as far as I can tell, except they weren’t assigned families for ministry. It has always been a shock to me when these 18-20 years olds show up at my door and introduce themselves as Elder so-and-so. Not my idea of an “Elder”. “To each his own.”

Scott kept his mom company online while dad was gone to his meeting. ?

We watched some TV before going to bed.


I still need to weed the rose garden and work on the areas beside the house.

We need to go walking, didn’t do that yesterday. Also need to get some things from the grocery.

I got this from Linda Kay this morning:

At 7:00 a.m. we had temp. 80, humidity 81%, dew point 79. Sun is shining, we have a heat advisory. Be sure to check on the elderly!Supposed to have a little rain tonight & a little cooler tomorrow. 


It is currently 67º and clear, high of 87º and sunny predicted.

That’s all for August 13, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch