Thursday August 15 2019 Blog

August 15 National Days


Breakfast: Ken-Cereal, yogurt, juice, coffee; Pat-rice cake, yogurt, juice, coffee
Lunch: Tamales, slaw, crackers, Coke
Supper: Tuna salad with crackers

I worked on the carpet cleaning machine and got it to work, Gorilla Glue is amazing! I tested it by cleaning some spots on the Den floor and it got them up even without chemicals. Now on to cleaning the rest of the floors.

You know how you just had something in your hand and suddenly its gone and you can’t find it anywhere? That happened to us yesterday. As I was coming through the kitchen April asked me to bring her the checkbooks. I only heard checkbook so I took our joint account checkbook and gave it to her. Sometime later she asked where her Mary Kay checkbook was so I went and got it out of her purse and laid it on the recliner beside her. She apparently didn’t see me lay it there and asked where it was. I told her I laid it right beside her. Thus began the search. We felt around in all the crevasses of the recliner and looked under where we both were sitting and it was not to be found. She scooted the recliner out from the wall and I got a light and looked under it. Finally we turned the recliner over and searched, still not to be seen. ? While we had the recliner out from the wall she swept up the popcorn and various other debris that got under there since the last time it was scooted out. She found a variety of napkins and tissue that had slid down between the arm and the seat but no checkbook. After we got the recliner back in place she sat down and felt beside the seat again, VOILA! She found it! All that took at least 30 minutes and maybe longer. Well, at least we got the floor under there swept. ?

I’m needing another cup of coffee, BRB…

We had a video chat with Scott during the afternoon and went to Prayer Meeting at 6 o’clock. At 7:15 we had a meeting with everyone who is going on the trip with us in September. We didn’t get home until nine.

Our short evening was spent watching Jeopardy & wheel she had recorded and on the computer.


Not sure what we are going to do today.


It is currently 60º and sunny with a high of 84º and mostly sunny predicted. There is a full moon tonight.

That’s it for August 15, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch