Monday August 19 2019 Blog

August 19 National Days


Breakfast: Bagel & cream cheese, juice, coffee
Lunch: Chicken Tenders & fries, slaw at Applebees
Supper: Pizza

We got to church before 9 o’clock and went to Sunday School. We only had 7 in the class but there was good participation.

After Sunday School we went to the Welcome Center for coffee and treats.

At the end of the service our pastor announced his retirement for October 15. He and Carol are purchasing a house in Glen Eden Beach, Oregon. There’s been some sadness in our household since then. (After church, I looked at him and said, “You knew, didn’t you?” He answered, “Yes. It was announced at deacon’s meeting.” I said, “And you didn’t tell me.” He replied, “I wanted you to be happy for a few more days.” That is one of the sweetest things he’s ever said to me. P.)

After church we ate lunch at Elmer’s Restaurant with friends.

We took Marge home and then came home for a nap.

We had coffee in the swing when we got up then went in the house to watch TV. Pat thought watching TV would help her stop crying, it did. We got the trash and recycling down to the street to be picked up this morning.

We spent time on our computers and watching TV for the evening.


The only things I know we will be doing today are watching TV and eating. We probably will do something else but we haven’t talked about doing anything. I have work I can do outside for sure.


It is currently 61º with a high of 82º and sun predicted.

That’s all for August 19, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch