Wednesday August 14 2019 Blog

August 14 National Days


Breakfast: Sausage, fried egg, toast, juice, coffee, yogurt
Lunch: Tuna sandwich, chips, Coke, cookie
Supper: Chili dogs, Fritos, Coke, cookie and ice cream

Pat washed a lot of clothes and fixed meals. I can’t remember what I did.

(Don’t worry, it will get worse.) Oh, yeah, I tried to fix the water supply bottle for the Hoover carpet/floor Cleaner, it was leaking the last time we used it. I’m not sure if what I did will work but I had to try. She wants to use it on the Den floor. We may just have to spray cleaner on the floor and use the scrubber and vacuum up the water. We’ll see.

I also did some organizing in the car, things had gotten rather tumbled in the rear.

We were wanting a nap but April said we should go to the store first, otherwise we might not go shopping. ? We went to Fred-Myer and got the things on our list and some other items we use for which she had coupons.

We watched the news when we got up from our nap. Depressing!

April and Scott watched their game shows together from 7:00 to 8:00 PM then we watched TV until bedtime.

We got this email from Katee:

Katee Lynch
Re: August 13 blog

I’m alive!  Left Longview at 6am yesterday and got to Livingston around 9:30 last night.  My car had a flat so Elli helped me get the spare on, I got to my place around 11.  It was a wonderful whirlwind trip, so grateful for my family and friends in the PNW.  Love ya!  Kafryn Woo


We will go to Prayer Meeting/Bible Study at 6:00 PM.


It is currently 56º and clear, prediction is for a high of 88º, partly sunny and pleasant.

That’s all for August 14, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Tuesday August 13 2019 Blog

August 13 National Days

I love my left hander.


Breakfast: Bacon-egg-cheese waffle sandwich, juice, coffee, yogurt
Lunch: Kielbasa & vegetables, bread slaw, ice tea.
Supper: More casserole, biscuit and tea.

I got going and raked up all those leaves under the holly tree and put them in the recycle can, also did some other straightening in the back yard. Its beginning to look better out there, still a lot to do ’till it looks like House and Garden Magazine. Not sure I will ever make it.

We talked about cleaning the floor in the den and worked on the Hoover floor cleaner which has started leaking, does that count? Sat down in the Bowflex until it went away. ? (The thought, not the floor.)

I have been reading the Owner’s Manual for the car. Learned how to do some things I need to know how to do.

We took a nap from 3:30 to 4:30 then went to the swing for coffee, stayed until the neighbors starting making so much noise we couldn’t hear each other then went inside to watch the news.

I was finishing my supper when I suddenly realized I was supposed to be at Deacon’s Meeting. Got up and headed out. I was about 30 minutes late but no one yelled at me. ? This was my first Deacon’s Meeting to meet with the new lead pastor Bryan. He said the church he grew up in didn’t have Deacons, they had Elders, about the same thing as far as I can tell, except they weren’t assigned families for ministry. It has always been a shock to me when these 18-20 years olds show up at my door and introduce themselves as Elder so-and-so. Not my idea of an “Elder”. “To each his own.”

Scott kept his mom company online while dad was gone to his meeting. ?

We watched some TV before going to bed.


I still need to weed the rose garden and work on the areas beside the house.

We need to go walking, didn’t do that yesterday. Also need to get some things from the grocery.

I got this from Linda Kay this morning:

At 7:00 a.m. we had temp. 80, humidity 81%, dew point 79. Sun is shining, we have a heat advisory. Be sure to check on the elderly!Supposed to have a little rain tonight & a little cooler tomorrow. 


It is currently 67º and clear, high of 87º and sunny predicted.

That’s all for August 13, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Monday August 12 2019 Blog

August 12 National Days


Breakfast: Bagel & Cream Cheese, juice, coffee
Lunch: Farm House Salad and Coke @ Arby’s
Supper: BLT, chips, Coke and later we had ice cream for dessert

We got to Sunday School a little before 9:00 and went to our Sunday School Class. We had 8 present in the class. Pat taught a good lesson from Titus Chapter 1, I was her “go to” guy on the computer with slides she wanted.

After SS we went to the Welcome Center for coffee and a brownie, then to preaching.

After church we went to Arby’s for lunch with friends. April and I shared a Farm House Salad with Senior size drinks.

After lunch we drove Marge home then went to the grocery for some medicine. We have other things on the list but will get them later.

We came home and went down for a nap right away.

After the nap we had coffee in the deck swing and sat out there for quite a while just chatting and enjoying the pretty day.

We worked together to make the BLTs for supper, I cooked the bacon and prepared the tomato while she got the bread and lettuce ready.

We did backups of our computers and were on our computers and/or watched a movie on Hallmark Mysteries and Movies channel then a couple of shows on tvonline. (Somebody slept through the last part of the movie and doesn’t know who the killer was. tee hee P.)


I’m thinking its time to get the weeds out of the rose garden again and pick up the leaves that are still in the back yard under the holly tree. There are not many under there but I need to get them up before more start falling in a few months. ? I also may move the stepping stones that are between the roses and put them where they are needed more, probably from the gate to the deck on the East side of the house. Come to think of it I should move the stones before weeding.

I need to cut my hair today.

I haven’t planned the day any farther than that at this point.

I need to prepare the basic slides for next Sunday and print out our memory verse slips.


I went to do the weather and saw this headline:

We hardly had any rain here in the valley.

It is currently 52º and sunny with a high of 83º and partly sunny predicted.

That’s all for August 12, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Sunday August 11 2019 Blog

August 11 National Days


Saturday: August 10, 2019
Breakfast: Rice Cake, Yogurt, coffee, juice
Lunch: 1/2 Pimento & cheese sandwich, chips, tomato wedges, tea
Supper: 1/2 Spam sandwich, tomato wedges, chips and Coke

Not much to report on the day, there was a lot of sitting around studying for Sunday School, watching TV, eating and computer stuff.

During the evening we got our slides made and our teaching plan organised for today.

I got this from Nancy Jean:

What a great day to go to the beach!  So glad Scott’s dog was better so he could leave her and go along!

Glad we had our get together too, Wylea and Jonny just have no idea about our family ?. I’m so thankful they have us to share stories with them!

Love, Nancy Jean


  • Pick up Marge and go to church
  • 9:15 Sunday School
  • 10:30 Coffee break
  • 11:00 Preaching
  • Noon Somewhere for lunch
  • Home for a nap
  • Take out trash
  • Watch TV or a movie and go to bed

Boring, I know but that’s our life right now. ??‍♂️ (I’m not bored. I’m having fun. P.)


It is currently 56º with the high to be 77º with clouds and sun, nice day.

That’s all for August 11, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Saturday August 10 2019 Blog

August 10 National Days


Breakfast: Yogurt, bagel & cream cheese, cereal & milk, coffee, juice
Lunch: Prime Rib sandwich, mashed potatoes, clam chowder (Georgie’s)
Supper: Pizza and fresh tomato wedges, Coke

We picked up Katee and Scott at his place to go to the coast. We arrived a few minutes after 9:00 and were loaded and on our way a few minutes later. It was a pretty day for a drive through the Coastal Range of mountains. We had clouds and sun breaks during the day. We were a little early to eat lunch so we went sightseeing first. Here are the pictures:

A sassy woman waiting for me to unlock the car.
I took a picture of two clowns with the ocean behind them.
The lighthouse in silhouette
Ken & Scott with the lighthouse behind them
A stop for lunch.

April and I shared some clam chowder and a prime rib open face sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy on top. We used the last of our anniversary gift card from Lexi and Bart to pay for our lunch. Katee and Scott saw some whale spouts in the distance.

We drove down to Nye Beach for Katee to get on the beach and go to the ocean. The closest place to park was about 1/4 mile from the area so I just drove around until they were ready to go and picked them up.

We had a fun drive home with Scott and Katee clowning in the back seat. We dropped them off at Scott’s place about 2:30 so Katee could get on the road to Washington. Her comment, “Great, just in time for Portland rush hour!” Scott said she sent him a text that she got through Portland OK. We haven’t heard from her since, we assume she made it to Longview.

We stopped by the service station and filled up the Toyota on the way home, we got 39 mpg on our first tank. About half of that was driving around the Albany-Corvallis area. Not bad.

We took a nap when we got home. It rained a bit after dark.

Going for more coffee…

We watched TV and got the pictures off of the camera onto our computers before going to bed.


We’ve got to get our Sunday School lesson plans together today and maybe go to the grocery store. Not sure what else we will do.


It is currently 61º with a high of 75º and some showers predicted for today.

That’s all for August 10, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch