Friday August 9 2019 Blog

August 9 National Days


Breakfast: Ken-Coffee, Yogurt, OJ, Cheerios & milk; Pat-Rice Cake, OJ, Yogurt, coffee
Lunch: Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, milk, blackberry jam
Supper: Cheeseburger, baked beans, slaw, potato chips, fruit, brownies

Hmm, I can’t remember doing anything productive yesterday besides fixing lunch. I spent some time reading the Owner’s Manual for the Toyota. We were waiting for Katee to come to our place and us go to the Reece’s for a “get together”. She got here about 4 o’clock and we got to the Three Dog Farm about 5:00. Here are the pictures:

On the Pizza Deck waiting for the food to get ready.
Jonny and Wylea were already at the house when we got there.
Dave building a fire in the fireplace, it was a little cool.
Michael from Reece & Associates came to the party. He and Katee are friends.
A roaring fire
Katee found another old friend.
Burger, beans, slaw and chips

Pat brought the beans, slaw, chips and a jug of tea.

Group picture
The goofy picture

You can see that the boys brought their pet elk. ? It was laying on the floor waiting to be hung somewhere. We had a wonderful time visiting, telling old family stories and eating. What a special time. Thank you Dave and Nancy for sharing your wonderful home with us.

We came back home about 8 o’clock and Katee went on to Kalin’s for the evening. We watched some TV before going to bed.


Katee wants to see the ocean while she is here so we are going to the coast today. I told her and Scott we will pick them up at Scott’s place at 9 o’clock.

Katee will leave Oregon and go to Longview, WA this afternoon to see her brother and nieces. Joe D. gets off from work at 4:00.


It is currently 56º and cloudy with a high of 79º, clouds and sun predicted.

That’s if for August 9, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Thursday August 8 2019 Blog

August 8 National Day Calendar


Breakfast: Coffee, juice, 1/2 bagel & cream cheese, 1/2 banana, milk
Lunch: Tamales, corn chips, Dream Float for dessert
Supper: Pimento & Cheese Sandwich with chips and Coke, ice cream

We decided to put the Garmin GPS device in the console of the Toyota, it worked but slipped around some. So, I took it to the shop and cut a piece of metal to fit down in the console to hold it in place. I know that doesn’t make much sense by itself so I made pictures.

Garmin in console
Base I made to hold it in place

The car has a built in mapping navigation system but I haven’t learned how to use it yet, the instructions are somewhat hard to follow. I know how to program the Garmin and we already have several destinations programmed in. I’m sure we will use the Toyota map some but for now this is our better option. It took a while to figure out the best configuration for it and make the base. Also, it is easy to get updates for the Garmin.

Another project I tackled was the rose garden watering system. Sometimes it doesn’t come on automatically and the ground gets really dry. I had already decided it must the solenoid to the sprinkler. It just so happened that I had picked up an extra solenoid somewhere along the line and I knew where it was (that’s amazing in itself!). So, I turned the water off to the sprinkler system and replaced the bad solenoid. VOILA! It works! the roses were watered this morning at 7 o’clock. Good deal. One of those times when saving something paid off. The funny part is, it is raining this morning so it doesn’t need to water.

I put our deck cushions and chairs away last night on a feeling we might have rain even though the weather people hadn’t said so, glad I did.

We went to Prayer Meeting/Bible Study at 6 o’clock and were home before 8:00.

We watched TV (mostly streamed from the computer) and were on our computers some until bedtime.

Scott had to take his dog to the vet, she had a sore on her face. The vet said it looked like something had bitten her. She fears nothing but something out of place in the house or yard. ?

She’s on antibiotics and pain meds.


We are supposed to go to Philomath for lunch with the seniors from our church at 12:30 PM. That kinda depends on when Katee gets here, she arrives in the area sometime today so we are on hold for that. We have a family gathering planned in the late afternoon at the Reece Three Dog Farm. Looking forward to it.


It is currently 59º and cloudy with showers, high is supposed to be 73º with sun and clouds. Apparently, the weather people don’t know we have had showers. ?

That’s all for August 8, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Wednesday August 7 2019 Blog

August 7 National Day Calendar


Breakfast: Yogurt, sausage & fried egg, biscuit, jam, juice, coffee
Lunch: Chili dogs and Frito chips, Coke
Supper: Pimento & Cheese sandwich with potato chips

My main activity for the day was to take the holly tree limbs out to the Reece Three Dog Farm and put them on the burn pile. As I was dragging them out of the truck bed to put them on the pile I looked at the empty bed behind the limbs and Oh Shoot! I had turned over the extra gas can and gas was pouring out of it onto the truck bed. Somehow the lid to the spout had come off and most of the one gallon can was now in the truck bed. Well, at least it was only a gallon, no great harm done. I hope I am through taking stuff to the burn pile for this year. Thank you Dave and Nancy for letting me do that, what a blessing!

April had lunch ready shortly after I got back to the house. We watched some TV and went down for a nap about 3:30. I did a little project in the house that was needing to be done and vacuumed up my mess in the bedroom.

I don’t think we went anywhere in the car, if so, I don’t remember what it was. ??‍♂️

We sat in the deck swing until the sun got in our eyes just over the top of the house. During the late evening, in the summer, it shines on the north side of the house. It was pleasant out there.

Pat and Scott watched some of their game shows together by Facebook Chat. Scott was late getting there as he was taking a nap during Jeopardy.


I guess Katee and her friend are on the way to Oregon now, she is supposed to be in the area by this evening.

We haven’t made plans for today except to be at Prayer Meeting tonight at 6 o’clock. I’ll have to let you know tomorrow what I did today.


It is currently 58º with clouds, the high is predicted to be 78º with clouds and sunshine. Nice! This whole next week looks great!

That’s all for August 7, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Tuesday August 6 2019 Blog

August 6 National Days


Breakfast: Bacon, egg & cheese on a waffle, juice, coffee
Lunch: Pimento & cheese sandwich, chips, Coke, ice cream
Supper: Cheeseburger, fries, Coke, ice cream

I spent a big part of my day cutting more limbs off of the holly tree and picking up the leaves under it. There were several years of leaves under there, I picked up and I filled a total of 8+ big plastic leaf bags with leaves and little sticks. I plan to put those in the yard debris cans as the trash removal people empty them every two weeks.

Yeah, I know it’s a mess back there, it is on my to-do list to get that looking better, but it is kinda out of sight and will have to wait until I get some other things done first. Roy, you will notice the old refrigerator is gone. ?

The limbs are now loaded on the truck ready to go to the Reece burn pile.

I still have a few leaves to pick up back there but it looks a lot better.

There were a couple of items under the tree that were interesting: a cat collar and a busted cell phone.

One bonus of city water being expensive, the grass doesn’t grow much when you don’t water here in TGNW; don’t have to mow very often. The basic cost of water is $82 a month and goes up from there depending on how much you use. Ugh!

I drove April to the Post Office to mail a package during the afternoon. She still is hesitant to drive the new car.

We took a nap after we got back from the P.O.

Pat and Scott watched their game shows together from 7:00 to 8:00 and we watched TV during the evening.


I don’t have any firm plans for today, maybe I’ll make a run out the Three Dog Farm and unload those limbs on the burn pile.

We haven’t talked about what else we might do.


It is currently 63º and cloudy with a prediction of sun and 85º high.

That’s all for August 6, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch

Monday August 5 2019 Blog

August 5 National Day Calendar


Breakfast: Ken-Cereal & banana, juice, coffee; Pat-Bagel & cream cheese, juice, banana, coffee
Lunch: Mac & cheese with bacon & chicken on top at Applebee’s
Supper: Yogurt, Vienna Sausages, Colby Jack Cheese sticks & saltine crackers

We picked up Marge and got to church a couple of minutes after 9 o’clock. We went to our Sunday School room and taught our Sunday School class. We had 11 present in the class. The lesson was from 2 Timothy about Paul’s last instructions to Timothy. The writer said this was probably the last words of the Apostle Paul. There was good participation from the class.

We went to the Welcome Center and had coffee and a snack before worship service, then to worship.

After church we went with 10 friends to Applebee’s for lunch. We had a Mac & Cheese bowl with pieces of bacon and fried chicken strips on top, edible but not very good. We didn’t go away hungry but we won’t order that again. ?

We came home and went down for a nap.

After the nap we watched some TV and relaxed until bedtime.


I hope to finish loading those holly tree limbs on the truck and take them to the burn pile.

Katee called us this morning and we talked about her upcoming visit. Excited!

I think we may go to the Post Office and I’m not sure what else.


It is currently 68º with a high of 90º and mostly sunny predicted.

That’s all for August 5, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch