Wednesday August 7 2019 Blog

August 7 National Day Calendar


Breakfast: Yogurt, sausage & fried egg, biscuit, jam, juice, coffee
Lunch: Chili dogs and Frito chips, Coke
Supper: Pimento & Cheese sandwich with potato chips

My main activity for the day was to take the holly tree limbs out to the Reece Three Dog Farm and put them on the burn pile. As I was dragging them out of the truck bed to put them on the pile I looked at the empty bed behind the limbs and Oh Shoot! I had turned over the extra gas can and gas was pouring out of it onto the truck bed. Somehow the lid to the spout had come off and most of the one gallon can was now in the truck bed. Well, at least it was only a gallon, no great harm done. I hope I am through taking stuff to the burn pile for this year. Thank you Dave and Nancy for letting me do that, what a blessing!

April had lunch ready shortly after I got back to the house. We watched some TV and went down for a nap about 3:30. I did a little project in the house that was needing to be done and vacuumed up my mess in the bedroom.

I don’t think we went anywhere in the car, if so, I don’t remember what it was. ??‍♂️

We sat in the deck swing until the sun got in our eyes just over the top of the house. During the late evening, in the summer, it shines on the north side of the house. It was pleasant out there.

Pat and Scott watched some of their game shows together by Facebook Chat. Scott was late getting there as he was taking a nap during Jeopardy.


I guess Katee and her friend are on the way to Oregon now, she is supposed to be in the area by this evening.

We haven’t made plans for today except to be at Prayer Meeting tonight at 6 o’clock. I’ll have to let you know tomorrow what I did today.


It is currently 58º with clouds, the high is predicted to be 78º with clouds and sunshine. Nice! This whole next week looks great!

That’s all for August 7, keep in touch.

The Family Patriarch